Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Today I'm guest posting over at Follow the link to check out my article, and have a look around while you're there at their awesome deals on personal training and meal plans!

Mitch’s famous chips

When we first met, Mitch didn't know how to cook at all. If his Mum didn't cook his dinner, he subsisted on takeaway or frozen chicken and chips, much to my despair. I grew up eating vegetables with every meal, with the result that I panic if my meal is missing its greens. Fortunately, I... Continue Reading →

Cycling Review: MAMIL

Recently, the Dabbs went out on the town for a viewing of MAMIL, a new documentary about cycling from co-directors Eleanor Sharpe and Nickolas Bird. For those unaware, MAMIL stands for Middle Aged Men in Lycra. This is a reference to the rise in middle aged men who have taken up cycling in the last... Continue Reading →

Discovering Cycling: Part 2

(Click here to read part one first) So I had my flash new road bike: an Avanti Giro, with an alloy frame and carbon forks (I would soon learn all about carbon). It was a lovely, slick, silver bike with white drop bars and thin, black racing tires. It was a substantial investment compared to... Continue Reading →

Cycling Review: Velochef

Today we take a look at Velochef, a cycling-specific recipe book by Team Sky Racing chef Henrik Orre. We found this to be a really trendy cookbook. Orre divides his recipes into three sections; before training, during training and after training. Any cyclist or athlete will find countless recipe ideas to assist their training. It's... Continue Reading →

Cycling Review: ‘The Program’

In today's Cycling Review we take a look at The Program, starring Ben Foster (Freaks and Geeks, X-Men:The Last Stand) and Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids), The Program is a biopic about Lance Armstrong's rise to the top of the cycling world, and his dramatic fall from grace. Directed by Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Queen), The Program is... Continue Reading →

Cycling Review: ‘The Secret Race’

Today we are taking a look at The Secret Race, by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle. We found this book to be a gripping, no holds barred look into the underbelly of the professional cycling world. It serves as both a biography and confession of former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton. Through a series of interviews... Continue Reading →

Maddy’s banana muffins (vegan)

On the last series of one of my favourite podcasts, The Simple Show, there was a segment called "Awkward Icebreaker", where the hosts asked each other a cringey get to know you question. One such question was something along the lines of "what strong opinion do you have on a completely unimportant topic?" This got... Continue Reading →

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